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Making food,
Making friends

We help you save money when eating, make extra income when cooking, and foster community when sharing.

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Fish to Go



Seek cheaper food


Want food now


Can't cook today

Preparing Food

...or you...


Enjoy cooking often


Want extra income


Love meeting people

One platform for
home cooks and food lovers.


Instant access to a greater variety of home-made dishes for a more affordable price.

Social Media

Keep track of recipes and follow others ' cooking through stories to build a stronger community



IMG_1045 - Alejandra Springer.jpg
Bryten F.

Hope you guys have dishes every day so I can save on delivery fees.

Eric C.

Hands down the best cake I've ever had. Thank you nani for empowering me to write my 10 page paper.

Jeff L.

Convenience of getting food almost instantaneously and without leaving the building is a big plus for me.

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