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NASA job opening: 9-year-old ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’ applies – CNN

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Overdosing Brooklyn man’s 7-year-old daughter takes the wheel – NY Daily News

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‘Miracle’ man saved by Charlotte police (and luck) at Panera | Charlotte Observer

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Airbnb host must pay $5,000 for canceling reservation based on race – LA Times

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80 beachgoers make human chain to rescue family in riptide

Autoplay: On | Off By Katie Mettler, (c) 2017, The Washington Post When Jessica and Derek Simmons first saw the beachgoers pausing to stare toward the water, the young couple just assumed someone had spotted a shark. It was the evening of July

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How a 22-year-old inadvertently stopped a worldwide cyberattack

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10 things we learned about tunnels and Tesla from Elon Musk’s TED interview – The Verge

Including why Musk wants to beat Gary the Snail Elon Musk is the head of a spaceflight company, an electric car manufacturer / solar energy effort, and a brain-computer interface project. Recently, though, he added a tunnel boring company to

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Italian Emma Morano, last known survivor of 19th century, dies at 117

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An Arizona waitress receives a Christmas gift from God | Fox News

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WATCH: Trucker gets his mobile phone back by kicking thief off moving motorcycle: Shanghaiist

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