Tips for Use

Posting New Articles

When posting new articles to the site, please be sure to include Title, and Category information. Items posted without a category or title will not be approved to the site.


When posting from the web, we recommend using the Press This plugin to help link information from other web sites.


You may use the WordPress Mobile App to post and read articles on Nani.Today.

Simply download the WordPress for mobile app on your tablet or phone, login into your Nani.Today account and begin reading and postings articles.

One added feature of using the WordPress app is links to eternal articles will be loaded and displayed in the same view as the original Nani.Today link.

Twitter Integration

We’ve now integrated our news feed directly into our Twitter feed to reach more people. When creating your post, be sure to include category information and additional tags. These will be posted to Twitter has hashtag values.

To create a new post with Twitter integration is easy.

Simply create your post as usual and add the following information

  • Category: These will be posted to Twitter as hash tags
  • Tags: These will also be included in your post to Twitter ash hash tags

Be sure to also follow us on Twitter:

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