First Video Review of the ThinkPad P50

Here is my first video review of the ThinkPad P50.

I made it quickly and so I noticed I skipped over many of the features of the P50. I will try to make another video when I have a chance.

Feel free to post questions and I will try to answer them as soon as I can.

I believe this is the first video review of the production P50 on Youtube.

And in this video, I compare the P50 to something familiar, the W540.

Several areas are a improvement over the W540:

  • Track Pad: The track pad on the W540 was a major mistake. Whoever though of the single panel design, without buttons never used it. With the P50, we have the separate buttons back, which is a huge gain in my eyes
  • LED drive light: While this is a minor thing, its something I missed in the W540. I’m glad they decided to put this light back on, so we can see the drive activity, if any.
  • Runs much cooler. Running the same application, in this case the Prime95 app, the CPU runs not only about 10 Deg C cooler, but since its running cooler, it can also run at a higher clock speed.
  • Since it runs cooler, it also runs quieter. In normal use, when I’m not doing anything compute intensive, I don’t hear the fans.
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4 comments on “First Video Review of the ThinkPad P50
  1. Chris00 says:

    What screen do you have? Are you happy with it?

    How long does the battery last (browsing, medium brightness, WIFI on)? You have the 4 cells (66Wh) battery, right? Do you have hybrid graphics?

    Have you experienced the strange behavior with Turbo Boost as described at ?

    • ThinkPadP50 says:

      hi Chriss00

      I have the standard screen 1080. 99% of the time I have it docked with the docking station connected to 2 external displays, so the screen was the one of the lease important parts for me.

      So far I am very happy with it. Having 64GB of memory really frees things up to doing many things I could never do before with just 8GB of memory.

      I checked that article on the turbo boost. I don’t think I see that behavior. I will do some tests and include a video of the turbo boost.

      I have not tested the battery, since most of the time its just plugged in.

      I’ll be doing some more videos once I get over this cold that has been hanging around for weeks.

  2. ThinkPadP50 says:

    hi adamto,

    sorry for the late reply, i’ve been pretty busy lately.

    By default Lenovo ships the thinkpad with visualization disabled. not sure why. After I made the video, i did go into the bios and enable it.

    I will make another video showing how to enable this in the bios.

    For now, I had to return the unit in the video and have ordered a replacement. You can see my other comments. it turned out i could not order the required cable and drive tray to install the 2.5″ SSD. At the present time you can only get these if you order it with a 2.5″ drive. So I’ve ordered one with a 500GB 2.5″ drive, what I’ll sell on ebay once it arrives and swap in the 1TB 2.5″ SSD.

  3. adamto says:

    Thanks for video! I wonder if visualization is only supported on Xeon CPU. Why visualization is set to “Disabled” at your video?

    Is that because you installed Hyper-V ?
    Or CPU itself do not support visualization ?


    Any idea?


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