About nani.today

nani means “WHAT” in Japanese.

nani is about:

  • WHAT is happening around you
  • WHAT is important to you
  • WHAT is happening in our world

In short, nani is a community of people sharing news about what matters most to them, not what some corporation has decided is important. We are news of the people, from the people.

Nani.Today is a jumping point to news that every day people have found of interest.  Nani.Today benefits from a community of people around the world reporting on what is of interest to them.

At Nani.Today incorporates several benefits beyond just presenting a single person’s view of what is important:

  • Contributions to are made by many people. Anyone can contribute. We do not represent the views of a single person.
  • At Nani.Today, you can post comments on links that other people have found important, or include why you think the link is important to you.
  • Nani.Today also categorizes links, making it easier to focus on on the topics that are of interest to you.

If you agree to our terms of use, you may contribute to the discussion of nani.


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