Could be deadlier than cancer Rising rates of drug-resistant infections could lead to the death of some 10 million people and cost some $100 trillion in 2050. That’s the startling conclusion of a review commissioned by British Prime Minister David …

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Documents stolen from Sony Corp. (6758) by hackers include detailed and identifiable health information on more than three dozen employees, their children or spouses — a sign of how much information employers have on their workers and how easily it can become …

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The picture was released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to show what images search vessels are recording as they scour the southern Indian Ocean. The Go Phoenix and Fugro Discovery continue to work around the clock intensively scanning the …

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Lovesick man kneels in snow for hours trying to get girl’s attention in freezing Changchun: Shanghaiist.

Fidel Castro wins the Confucius Peace Prize: Shanghaiist.

Shanghai’s hotels, hostels among the cheapest in the world: Shanghaiist.

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Images of this 81-year-old granny completing her first skydive will bring you happiness, hope: Shanghaiist.

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