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North Korea’s Winter Olympics cheerleaders are being ‘forced into sexual slavery’ | South China Morning Post

Members of the North Korean cheerleading squad that charmed Winter Olympics viewers are being forced into sex slavery by the country’s top politicians, a defector from the country has said. SCMP TODAY: HK EDITION Get updates direct to your inbox

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North Korean Olympic Cheerleaders Are Being Lured Into Sex Slavery, Defector Says

North Korean cheerleaders who performed at the Olympics in Pyongyang are reportedly being forced into sex slavery, according to a military musician who defected from the country in 2008. Lee So-yeon, who fled to South Korea, told Bloomberg that members of the 229-person,

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North Korea news: Kim Jong-un warns Japan of ‘disaster’ | World | News |

NORTH Korea has accused Japan of plotting to invade the country, warning Tokyo such a scheme would result in “disaster”. By JOEY MILLAR PUBLISHED: 14:59, Mon, Feb 26, 2018 | UPDATED: 15:48, Mon, Feb 26, 2018 9 Ichiro Fujisaki: Japan is depending on US

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North Korean design: the golden age of candy-coloured communism

Source: North Korean design: the golden age of candy-coloured communism

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How Companies Scour Our Digital Lives for Clues to Our Health – The New York Times

Your digital footprint — how often you post on social media, how quickly you scroll through your contacts, how frequently you check your phone late at night — could hold clues to your physical and mental health. That at least

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US government is ‘exceptionally vulnerable’ to cyberattacks, security expert says

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South Korea to announce joint military drill plan with U.S. before April

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Bacterial sex: the promiscuous process driving antibiotic resistance

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North Korean athletes at Winter Olympics desperate to avoid ‘hellish GULAG fate’ of 1966 World Cup squad

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John Kelly, Chinese officials caused commotion over nuclear football in…

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