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North Korean propaganda leaflets declaring ‘Death to old lunatic Trump!’ dropped over Seoul | The Independent


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North Korea rejects diplomacy with US for now, source says – CNNPolitics


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North Korea Warns That Nuclear War Could ‘Break Out Any Moment’ – Bloomberg


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Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was a faint signal, but it told of one of the most violent acts in the universe, and it would soon reveal secrets of the cosmos, including how gold was created. Astronomers around the world reacted

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‘Cold creepiness rarely seen’: Hillary seethes when asked about Wikileaks – The American MirrorThe American Mirror

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton became visibly irritated during an interview with Australian TV when she was asked about Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange. In the interview with 4corners, she appeared tired with bags under her eyes, and her

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Rex Tillerson says diplomacy with North Korea will continue


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Wikileaks’ Julian Assange claims he made 50,000% return on bitcoin


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Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping | Ars Technica


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AirAsia flight from Perth to Bali plummets 20,000 feet – CNN


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