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Earthquake Swarm Continues to Rattle Idaho – NBC News


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Keys Emergency Manager: “You Must Evacuate, You Cannot Afford To Stay” « CBS Miami


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Hurricane Irma registering on devices that detect earthquakes


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History shows us how calamitous the North Korea crisis could become – The Washington Post


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North Korea’s Nuclear Arsenal Threatens China’s Path to Power – The New York Times


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North Korea’s Sixth Nuclear Test: A First Look | 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea


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EY teams with Microsoft, Maersk to use blockchain for marine insurance


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Elon Musk predicts World War III—but not for the reason you might guess – MarketWatch

Perhaps North Korea’s latest muscle flexing and its pledge for yet more nuclear show of strength come Saturday’s founding day celebrations has tech maverick Elon Musk thinking, like many the world over, about a doomsday scenario. But what’s really spooking the Tesla TSLA, -1.63%  and

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‘We want to step back from the brink’ on North Korea: Former ambassador

Sanctions against North Korea should be the “first resort,” with the military option on the table, former ambassador Nancy Soderberg told CNBC. “Let the sanctions bite, see if you can really make the North Koreans feel the squeeze and start

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Atascocita homeowner sign: ‘Looters will be shot dead’ | khou.com

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Atascocita homeowners who’ve already dealt with flooding say they are now dealing with looters. Some neighbors have warned potential looters with threatening signs. One read: “Warning!! Looters will be shot dead.” Another: “U Loot we will

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