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The elite are ‘ruining America,’ claims the most elite-sounding columnist ever – MarketWatch


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Here’s one reason why expensive stocks can continue to climb – MarketWatch


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Quantum Idea Where The Present Influences The Past Gains Some Theoretical Support | IFLScience

Quantum mechanics is already weird enough, but researchers suggest that we could throw in a bit of time shenanigans to solve a controversial idea that has been debated for almost a century. The idea is known as entanglement or, as Einstein

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The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age | Science | The Guardian

Experts say human impact on Earth so profound that Holocene must give way to epoch defined by nuclear tests, plastic pollution and domesticated chicken  Nuclear test explosion in Mururoa atoll, French Polynesia, in 1971. The official expert group says the

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Space breakthrough: Scientists teleport photon from Earth to orbit | Fox News

File photo – In this photo taken with long exposure, stars and Perseid meteors streak across the sky during the annual Perseid meteor shower above a silhouette of a roadside billboard of a Spanish fighting bull in Reduena, Spain, Friday,

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Earth’s sixth mass extinction event under way, scientists warn | Environment | The Guardian

Monday 10 July 2017 15.00 EDTLast modified on Tuesday 11 July 2017 13.06 EDT A “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means a sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is under way and is more severe than previously feared, according to research. Scientists

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Exclusive: Air Canada near-miss at SFO sparks FAA probe

SAN FRANCISCO — In what one aviation expert called a near-miss of what could have been the largest aviation disaster ever, an Air Canada pilot on Friday narrowly avoided a tragic mistake: landing on the San Francisco International Airport taxiway

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80 beachgoers make human chain to rescue family in riptide

Autoplay: On | Off By Katie Mettler, (c) 2017, The Washington Post When Jessica and Derek Simmons first saw the beachgoers pausing to stare toward the water, the young couple just assumed someone had spotted a shark. It was the evening of July

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US military reveals funding for ‘Matrix’ projects | Daily Mail Online


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