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What is phubbing and could it hurting your relationship?


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North Korea ‘most urgent’ threat to security: Mattis | Reuters


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We are LESS than two decades away from finding alien life | Daily Mail Online


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Now bitcoin is crashing along with the drop in technology stocks


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Farmed Salmon — one of the most toxic foods in the world

Nicolas Daniel’s documentary “Fillet-Oh-Fish” takes a critical look at the fish industry, featuring exclusive footage from fish farms and factories across the globe. Many still have a rather romanticized view of fishing, but when it comes to large-scale food production,

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Space station pictured crossing sun from Guernsey – BBC News

Space station pictured crossing sun from Guernsey 6 hours ago From the sectionGuernsey These are external links and will open in a new window Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with Messenger Share this with Email

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Orocrypt to Add Stability of Gold to Cryptocurrencies

Orocrypt to Add Stability of Gold to Cryptocurrencies 1284 Total views 120 Total shares SPONSORED Gold is a component of a diversified portfolio and can help protect investors against adverse market conditions in traditional investments like equities and debt. Gold

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Gold price: Why the US government once sued a Nevada casino over a 14-pound solid gold rooster — Quartz

On a blazing hot afternoon in July 1960, three armed US marshals raided a casino lobby in Sparks, Nevada, and proceeded to seize a golden statue of a rooster. Invited onlookers jeered and hissed as the agents confiscated the statue,

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Spy Satellite to Spy on Spy Satellites? « Roy Spencer, PhD

The May 1 Space-X launch of a classified satellite mission was considered very unusual after amateur satellite watchers realized it was being put into the same orbit as the International Space Station (ISS). (ISS resupply missions aren’t classified.) We now

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Cash Faces a New Challenger in Zelle, a Mobile Banking Service – The New York Times

The days of cash as king may be a step closer to ending. After six years of laying a foundation, major banks are ready to introduce Zelle, a digital payments network that will allow people to send money instantly through

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